Phoebe Wiles - Live Wire Auction LLC Owner & Sale Manager

Live Wire Auction was established in the Summer of 2020, due to the changing environment of livestock auctions. Phoebe saw a need for an online auction platform that was built with idea that it could handle farm sales of any size, whether you have 10, 500, or 4000 head of livestock Live Wire Auction has a sale program that accommodates your needs. Phoebe and her family have been active in the cattle industry for three generations, which spans over 50 years. Having a degree in economics and finance, as well as, a masters in agricultural economics and a second masters in engineering management, Phoebe understands the finance, agricultural, and coding aspect of running an online sale. Live Wire Auction was built by cattlemen for cattlemen, we are here to help you succeed in your endeavors!

In January 2021 Live Wire Auction was featured in Ozark Farm & Neighbor check out the article here.